Washington Wall Coverings

183 48th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(718) 499-3500

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Washington Wall Covering products are sold exclusively by authorized retailers. Contact our sales department at 718.499.3500 or inquire at sales@washingtonwall.com to locate authorized Washington Wall Coverings retailers in your area.

Sales Inquiries

Contact our sales department to get price quotes, check availability, place new orders or enquire about existing orders via phone (718) 499-3500 fax (718) 499-1991 or email sales@washingtonwall.com.

Accounting Inquiries

Contact our accounting department with regard to all account enquiries including new account set up via phone (718) 499-3500 fax (718) 499-3780 or email acct@washingtonwall.com.

General Inquiries

Contact our management regarding business opportunities and general information at (718) 499-3500 or email at info@washingtonwall.com.